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SkyDogs Tibetan Mastiffs Mobility Assistance and Service Dogs Blue Springs Nebraska

We are located on two acres in the small town of Blue Springs, Nebraska, about 60 miles south of Lincoln. I'm something of a newcomer to the Tibetan Mastiff, I'd never heard of the breed until fall of 2008. I came across them while researching breeds of large, strong dogs for Mobility Assistance and Service work. During my research of another breed, a breed selector quiz popped up, and I tried it. The result was a Tibetan Mastiff, this breed was the perfect match for me. I decided to read everything I could find about them, and realized the TM was indeed just what I was looking for.

After contacting many TM breeders, I found just the right pup, my sweet boy Jeuel. He worked out so well, I thought I'd like to have a puppy from him someday, so I started looking for the perfect mate for him. I found her, my Sunshine. By then Jeuel's breeder knew how well Jeuel was working for me, and asked if I'd be interested in another puppy, and he made an offer I couldn't refuse. That's how I got little sister, Shadow.

My Tibetan Mastiffs all work for me as Mobility Assistance and Service Dogs, they are my "canine canes". The thought occurred to me that perhaps we might start a line of TMs, bred especially for assist work, so, now to find the perfect mate for Shadow. I'd heard of white TMs, found a breeder and made an inquiry, never thought I would actually own one. But one day out of the clear blue, the breeder called me and asked if I was still interested in white TMs. I was of course but I didn't think I could afford one. The breeder told me to make an offer, so I made the best one I could, which I was sure was nowhere near enough. A couple of weeks later, they called to say that my offer was accepted, even though they had been offered more $$$, they thought I offered the perfect home. And that's how I came to have Mizar.

 Sky Dogs Tibetan Mastiffs | Mobility Assistance and Service Dogs Blue Springs Nebraska It is my hope to try and start a line of TMs for assist work. I've been blessed with four TMs who all have unusually sweet temperaments, good health ,structure, and love of assist work. I hope to "pay my blessings forward" with love for this wonderful breed.

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